Narm Powder Sepahan, a private company placed in Esfahan, Iran, was established in 2000 and started to produce Micronized Mineral Powders like Calcium Carbonate (regular and Coated),Talc, Barite (Barium Sulfate), Kaolin and Red Iron Oxide and Micacious Iron Oxide (M.I.O) since then.

The company tries to supply its required raw material from internal source with best quality, and also for particular orders we imports raw materials from abroad.

Working with excellent experts and Modern laboratories, this company could have produced high quality products.

One of the business features of sales engineering department is close technical cooperation with the industries which need or use the company products; these industries include paint, ceramic, plastic and polymer companies, that in this regard the very sufficient before and after sales services leads to more satisfactory among customers.

Using the best high tech equipment, from the input stage of raw materials to the different stages of production and finally the production of high quality products exactly correspondent to the related technical specification, quality control dept. of the company undertakes the fulfillment of quality control affairs.

Also in the research dept. of the company improvement of quality is considered according to customer's needs and requirements and seeking to divers the products time to time.

Working with excellent experts, this company tries to be updated and also can keep its technical and scientific knowledge update by attending many internal and external international exhibitions and seminars.

Fulfilling all above mentioned goals has leaded this company to give ISO9001-2008 global certificate. It is worth mentioning also that this company has had long time experience in exporting its products to countries of Gulf region and few other countries.

All the orders sent to production dept. shall be supplied in minimum time and prepared in sufficient packages required by customers to deliver.

Finally, using technical and engineering management and production of high quality Finally, using technical and engineering management and production of high quality this company could have gained a well-known name in industries of Micronized Mineral Powders and hopes to improve the industries of our beloved country, Iran.

Currently, production capacity of NarmCo is 60000 tons of different kinds of micronized mineral powders per year.